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Torbjorn Kettlewell, 30, stabbed Kelly Franklin, the mother of his three children, more than 30 times in Hartlepool and was then helped to flee the scene by his former neighbour and lover Julie Wass, 48, of Kipling Road, Hartlepool.

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Wass, 48, drove Kettlewell to the horrific stabbing, then sped him away to a woodland hideout they had checked out earlier in the day. Kettlewell, 30, was convicted of murder and Wass was cleared of murder but found guilty of the alternative charge of manslaughter following a trial at Teesside Crown Court.

CHURCH FATHERS: City of God, Book XIV (St. Augustine)

It reads: "Kelly was a smiling, beautiful, loving daughter, sister and mother who had three wonderful children. She was a bubbly, chatty, friendly girl whom anybody would feel comfortable talking to. She seemed more confident and determined to rebuild her life after he had worn her down. She was back to being herself again. She was a year-old care worker who was a mother and grandmother herself, she should have known better.

She should hang her head in shame for the role she has played in this, her actions have been downright disgusting, and totally heartless," they said. Our lives will never been the same. Last Updated:. Skip to main content. Schedule ET. Find a Show Type to search. Search Type to Search. Your browser is out of date.

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Close Browser Update Message. Why did jews chose this name to describe their suffering mith? I thought us intelligent humans threw that idea out ages ago. I mean seriously, does anyone actually believe any of that crap anymore. The battle being raged between unseen forces, a god commanding his legion of spectral beings from some other place called heaven where everything is perfect and of course who has an opposite, evil opponent, the greatest villian of them all. The devil horned lucifer.

Or just plain Science Fiction. Wake up you indoctrinated fools. The jokes on you. Glenn Quote.

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Trplcvpsc Quote. Most would agree that Jesus was a prophet or a good man. The fact is that Jesus said he was God. This offended the religious leaders of His time. There is only two conclusions to come up with. He was either the biggest liar and deceiver to walk the face of the earth or he was actually who He said He was.

The fact is that years later, religion still revolves around the life of one man, Jesus Christ. I am not writing to argue or be disrespectful, but the evidence is there. If you think there is a possibility that it could possibly be true, challenge God.

God, if this is true I ask you to show me. I believe God is very compassionate toward mankind.

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I believe He will honor the sincere heart that truly desires an encounter. Joshua Towns Quote. Glen will go to hell, Aspentroll too, of course, and me too for making fun with the Holy Bible. Image for one moment that Hell and Heaven exist and it is clear where we are going to stay for eternity. Seems to me that all the evil written about the alleged god in the book called the bible is further evidence that it is simply an invention of evil men wanting an excuse to do horrible things to humanity and to control the masses.

It use to be illegal for anyone other than clergy to read this book the bible — talk about control. JillZ Quote. Shorts and tank tops also a must. This imaginary god knows all about you, just like Santa does, and is waiting to burn your sad asses just for looking cross-wise at anything he has done or omitted to tell you he has done.

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Aspentroll Quote. Fundamental atheism has massacred more people than religions.

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Islam is a bigger threat to world peace. Pluto Quote.

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Top 20 Evil Bible Stories

I say:Jehovah is no different to the hindu gods,like Krishna,Brahma,Indra,etc. The hindu gods are the only ones that had the privilege of actually engaging in these acts. I personally do believe that religion will cease to exist by the 22nd century. Islam will cease to exist by I guess after that,it will be the fundamental atheists against the agnostic atheists like myself. Grind Basterd Quote. As Betrand Russell said, just one bit of hard evidence would clear all of this up.

Luke Muehlhauser Quote. I hate to say that most of you look directly at the literal translations of the Bible and try to understand the things a God that is limitless in power, all knowing, everywhere, and actually think that we as created humans or evolved creatures even come close to being able to comprehend a God.

Its amazing that we teach socrates, pluto, ticitus, and several others in our schools and no one even questions it. Did you know that we have less than 20 copies of any of their work most of them only 4 or 5 , and it was found a minimum of yrs after their death. Yet, there is 24, copies of the NT in which some manuscripts are dated back to the time in which the author lived.

If you want a hard evidence look at the historical evidence, or even look at the geographical evidence and finding that prove the Bible to be true. I cant use the Bible to prove it to a non-believer, but there are substantial findings by non christians that prove the Bible at least to be historically, geographically true and with out any falsehood. How could we create a religion that would actually work if we put a God in it the we could comprehend, understand, and by our own understandings recognize his reasoning? Everyone would still question it, or disagree with what he did.

Christianity has a God that no human can fully understand.

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We are not given the power to do so nor could our minds handle it. BertClick Quote. WOW Christianity is satanic,from the beginning until Revelatin we can see satan in control of every thing. Gen,Satan told them surely they will not die. They ateand died not. DOG lied and satan told the truth. In John, to 15 we can see Jesus supposedly god incarnate as the only good shepherd who gave his life to the wolf satan to save his sheep In revelation Jesus declared himself to be the morning star , who is Satan himself in ISAIAH, Nyan Nya Nyan Quote.

Hey — great post. OK, god is fiction.

Vicious (Faces of Evil Book 7) Vicious (Faces of Evil Book 7)
Vicious (Faces of Evil Book 7) Vicious (Faces of Evil Book 7)
Vicious (Faces of Evil Book 7) Vicious (Faces of Evil Book 7)
Vicious (Faces of Evil Book 7) Vicious (Faces of Evil Book 7)
Vicious (Faces of Evil Book 7) Vicious (Faces of Evil Book 7)
Vicious (Faces of Evil Book 7) Vicious (Faces of Evil Book 7)
Vicious (Faces of Evil Book 7) Vicious (Faces of Evil Book 7)
Vicious (Faces of Evil Book 7) Vicious (Faces of Evil Book 7)

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