Make-Believe Horror & the Supernatural (Children in Films Book 5)

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A delightful little movie about two eccentric loners who find each other, this is a movie that people watch over and over again. A Quiet Place. The assumption is probably that people will pay to rent or own movies that were hits. Rain Man Barry Levinson directs Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman in the story of a man who learns he has a brother who is an autistic savant after the death of his father. Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow star as the title characters, two twenty-somethings without much focus or direction who decide to go to their high school reunion.

Both of the leads are delightfully charismatic and the film contains some wonderful supporting turns from Janeane Garofalo and Alan Cumming too. The former is played by Jason Schwartzman, who does amazing work as Max Fischer, a kid who falls into a love triangle with his teacher Olivia Williams and a millionaire named Herman Blume Bill Murray. Some are in the top 20 of all time on IMDb. Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt give two of their best performances in a film that takes a classic mystery structure and makes it unforgettably vicious.

Shaolin Soccer Stephen Chow rules. This Cantonese-language international hit was one of his first breakthroughs followed by his masterpiece, Kung Fu Hustle , which you really need to see if you have yet to do so. Shaolin Soccer is pretty much exactly what that title implies — a kung fu sports movie.

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Just watch this one. Trust us. Kubrick made the story his own and then allowed Jack Nicholson to give one of the most unforgettable performances in horror history. It will break your heart. It has held up well as an engaging riff on the fairy tale with phenomenal voice work. Marshal who investigates a missing patient at a legendary mental hospital. Scorsese is in full command of his skill as a craftsman in this riveting thriller that also co-stars Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, and Michelle Williams.

They take the money and, well, things go wrong from there. Depp plays Ichabod Crane, who investigates a series of murders allegedly committed by a headless horseman. Sorry to Bother You Boots Riley writes and directs one of the most daring debuts of in this satire of modern race relations and corporate dynamics.

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Lakeith Stanfield stars as a man who climbs the ladder of a telemarketing company only to find true horrors on the top floors. Support the Girls. No one knew who Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn the day before Swingers came out, but it launched them into the celebrity sphere, where they still reside. Tangerine pulses with life and energy in a way that most modern L.

The WTF story of Three Identical Strangers is the kind of thing that would be deemed ridiculous if it were in a fictional screenplay but the film gets even more interesting when it turns to an investigation of nature vs. Russell made one of his best films in this war comedy about four soldiers — George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube, Spike Jonze — who try to steal gold while in Iraq.

In conversations about the best war movies, this one should come up more often. Total Recall Ah-nuld! Near the peak of his fame, the future Governor went to Mars in this landmark sci-fi film the great Paul Verhoeven. Loosely based on a Philip K. Most action movies have aged poorly, but Total Recall still has something to entertain even the many Hulu subscribers born after it was released. Touching the Void Did you like Free Solo?

Two Days, One Night Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne wrote and directed the biggest hit of their career in this drama starring Marion Cotillard as a woman who has to essentially beg her co-workers to keep her job. The Dardennes make deeply compassionate and humanist films that turn average people into unforgettable film characters, and Cotillard does the best work of her career here.

She was nominated for the Oscar and should have won. Clooney has arguably never been better, and Oscar nominees Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick are pretty fantastic too.

Under Siege Steven Seagal is a strange dude these days , but he was once the biggest action hero in the world, heir to the throne of Ahhnold and Sly. He was arguably never more popular than when Warner Bros. This one was on a ship.

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The Virgin Suicides Sofia Coppola made here directorial debut with this adaptation of Jeffrey Eugenides beloved novel about a group of sisters who captivated the entire neighborhood in which they lived. Kirsten Dunst anchors a dreamy, captivating movie about the myth of perfection that exists in the world of picket fences in middle America. Watch it to see what people flocked to in and then ask yourself how different things are now.

Wedding Crashers Hit comedies are often just about finding the right comedians at the right time in their career.

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The two star as guys who crash weddings and meet girls. Wendy and Lucy Michelle Williams gives one of the best performances of her career as a vagrant whose only real friend is her dog Lucy. But La Llorona is a duff villain and Chaves relies creakily on cheap musical lurches to get a rise out of his audience. Horror fans deserve better than this. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Horror films. Drama films Thrillers film reviews. Please help us [come] to rescue us before we die.

Premise: A mysterious alien life-form terrorizes a small town and consumes everything in its path as it grows bigger and bigger. When one of the officers tried to move the goo, it started to dissolve and evaporate, so there was nothing to show the FBI when they arrived on the scene except a spot on the ground.

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But it also happens to cover some impressive philosophical ground in a way that advances the plot and adds intrigue without weighing the story down or feeling like you're trapped in a classroom. Other terms, however, are delivered via quick character dialogue or single-episode arcs that might leave you under-appreciating the artful manner in which creator Michael Schur has just fed you a giant, delicious meal of moral philosophy. To prepare for the fourth and final season of The Good Place , brush up on five important moral philosophy concepts that you might have missed.

Proceed with caution.

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In season 2, episode seven, Janet has created a doltish rebound boyfriend named Derek to help her get over her lasting feelings for Jason—feelings that generated a slew of malfunctions like spontaneously summoning a roughly foot-long sub and vomiting thousands of pennies.

While Jason and Tahani bask in a love-drunk paradise, Michael, Chidi, and Eleanor struggle to devise an ethical strategy to fix Janet and prevent Derek from blowing their cover to the very meddlesome demon Vicky. So Chidi offers up an ethical loophole called the doctrine of double effect, coined by Thomas Aquinas.


According to the doctrine , you can act in a way that causes an immoral side effect, as long as your primary intention is morally sound. Her primary intention is the hope that it will rekindle their romance, and if she also unwittingly OK, wittingly serves Chidi a big bowl of emotional turmoil with a side dish of stomachache at the same time? In the season 2 finale, a dispirited, drunken Eleanor confesses to a bartender Michael in a Cheers -inspired disguise that her six months of commitment to good behavior after her near-death experience left her woefully unfulfilled.

In other words, she had expected to receive some type of cosmic reward for her virtue that would make it all worth it. Michael identifies her mindset as an expectation of moral desert pronounced like dessert ; i. For self-centered Eleanor, the idea that the answer might be related to our relationships with other people is more than a little mind-blowing.

After looking up What do we owe to each other? After accurately predicting the afterlife points system while high on mushrooms but having no confirmation of his hypothesis, of course decades ago, Doug has dedicated himself to the type of utilitarian existence so often mentioned throughout the series: Act in a way that maximizes the overall good. In doing so, Doug eats only radishes and lentils to preserve the environment, tests harmful cosmetics on his own face to spare animals from pain, and completely unravels when he accidentally steps on a snail.

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While living so selflessly sounds good in theory, Doug illustrates how such a severe commitment to utilitarianism is actually a terrible idea. In his book Moral Tribes , Harvard University professor of psychology Joshua David Greene argues that being a happiness pump might create more societal harm than good.

If you contribute to the greater good while still remaining happy and comfortable, he explains, then other people will recognize that charity and service can enrich their own lives, too. John Locke believed that personal identity is based on a continued consciousness, i. For most of us, this seems logical: We grow into ourselves as individuals by learning and changing based on past experiences.

In a slight philosophical plot twist, the way Chidi finally brings Eleanor back to herself is by kissing her, suggesting that personal identity somehow exists on an even deeper level than memory, and Eleanor and Chidi are inherently wired to be together. For viewers, that idea is a thread of hope that sustains us through the devastating season 3 finale, when Chidi decides that their only chance at succeeding in their new Good Place neighborhood experiment is if he gets rebooted, losing all memory of his most recent and meaningful romantic relationship with Eleanor.

If the fairytale logic behind their redemptive kiss holds up, Chidi and Eleanor will likely find their way back to each other in season 4.

Make-Believe Horror & the Supernatural (Children in Films Book 5) Make-Believe Horror & the Supernatural (Children in Films Book 5)
Make-Believe Horror & the Supernatural (Children in Films Book 5) Make-Believe Horror & the Supernatural (Children in Films Book 5)
Make-Believe Horror & the Supernatural (Children in Films Book 5) Make-Believe Horror & the Supernatural (Children in Films Book 5)
Make-Believe Horror & the Supernatural (Children in Films Book 5) Make-Believe Horror & the Supernatural (Children in Films Book 5)
Make-Believe Horror & the Supernatural (Children in Films Book 5) Make-Believe Horror & the Supernatural (Children in Films Book 5)
Make-Believe Horror & the Supernatural (Children in Films Book 5) Make-Believe Horror & the Supernatural (Children in Films Book 5)
Make-Believe Horror & the Supernatural (Children in Films Book 5) Make-Believe Horror & the Supernatural (Children in Films Book 5)

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