Forgiveness: Picking Up the Pieces

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Picking Up the Pieces: The Ministry of Restoration

The best way to understand it may be to see in illustrated. Psalm 51 was written by David after he met with Nathan.

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The Psalm teaches us at least five things about true repentance. First, the truly repentant person stops making excuses. David asked God for mercy. Second, the person who is truly repentant understands that all sin is rebellion against God and an assault on His position.

David recognized that he had a heart problem rather than just a behavior problem. What he did was a personal offense toward God. Third, True repentance reveals a sorrow for the sinful act and not simply a sorrow for the consequences of that act. We see this difference in our children. Often our child is sorry because what they did was discovered and they know they will now be punished. They are not sorry for what they did.

Pick up the broken pieces and forgive

True repentance is sorrow for what we did. The concern is over what we did, not over what will be done to us. Fourth, true repentance involves genuine change. Their crime is discovered and the person begs you for forgiveness and another chance. You believe the person has changed, so you extend forgiveness and restore the person to a place of trust. Then the person steals from you again. Once again they tell you they are sorry. A nonchalant attitude toward the severity of sin presumes upon the grace and forgiveness of God. In the same way, true repentance involves a change of direction for our lives.

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Fifth, the truly repentant person is one who is broken and humble. They do not yet see the horror of their sin. The repentant person is ashamed of what they have done. They have a new softness and a new compassion toward others because they understand what it is like to fail. These people are soft, not hard. They are humble, not proud. They are grateful, not demanding.

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The incredible news in these words is this: if you will face your sin, confess it, and turn from it, you can be forgiven! Your relationship with God can be restored! Life can return to your empty heart. Joy can light up your eyes once again.

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God in His mercy and grace will help you get up and start living again. David was able to rejoice because God is willing to forgive those who face their sin and truly desire to move in a different direction. For those of you who have fallen in any area of your life learn the lessons David teaches us:. Let me make three observations as we conclude this part of the story.

To those of you who are in the midst of a painful time let me point out that the times of greatest devastation are also times of great opportunity. When the World Trade Center was attacked, in the midst of that horrible situation, many people stepped up and proved themselves to be heroic.

In times of great disasters heroes rise from the ashes. In much the same way, in this time of pain and heartache there is also an opportunity. You have an opportunity to see yourself clearly; You have the opportunity to see your predisposition for rebellion against God.

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This is your opportunity to drop the pretense, the rationalizations, and the other nonsense and understand the depth of your need. In this time of brokenness you have an opportunity to reach out and place your small hand in His magnificent hand. Maybe this is the very situation that will bring you to a genuine trust in Jesus Christ.

Picking Up the Pieces

You have an opportunity to discover just how wonderful our Savior is. Depending on which side of the pain you are on, you have an opportunity to turn from sin and truly repent, or you have an opportunity to learn the true depth of what it means to extend forgiveness out of gratitude for what you have been forgiven. This may be a painful time in your life. Contact Bradford Loomis. Streaming and Download help. If you like Bradford Loomis, you may also like:.

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Forgiveness: Picking Up the Pieces Forgiveness: Picking Up the Pieces
Forgiveness: Picking Up the Pieces Forgiveness: Picking Up the Pieces
Forgiveness: Picking Up the Pieces Forgiveness: Picking Up the Pieces
Forgiveness: Picking Up the Pieces Forgiveness: Picking Up the Pieces
Forgiveness: Picking Up the Pieces Forgiveness: Picking Up the Pieces
Forgiveness: Picking Up the Pieces Forgiveness: Picking Up the Pieces

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