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Crisis On Earth X Final Battle Part 1 -- Crisis On Earth X Crossover LOT 3x08 1080p60fps

They are only out of whack for crisis on Earth X. This is the order to watch those episodes. Crisis on Earth X.

Here's How to Watch the Arrowverse's 'Crisis on Earth-X' Crossover on Netflix

The Crisis on Earth X threw things out of whack but I heard that everything will go back to order the following week. The Overflow for October 4, Featured on Meta. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: How do we handle problem users?

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An apology to our community, and next steps. In the grand scheme of the Arrowverse, fans are used to accepting madcap concept. This deep into the shared universe, the idea that there is a Nazi Earth where Oliver Queen and Kara Zor-El are married despotic tyrants is easy to accept.


The Nazi doppelgangers are ruthless, and they have resources and soldiers at their disposal. It always seems to detract from overall enjoyment when there are clearly some corporate goals competing with the story. But, with Crisis On Earth-X , we have a crossover event that feels — simply and enjoyably - like a story that the writers wanted to tell. There is no backdoor pilot here, nor a tease of things to come; there is just a whole lot of superhero fun. With four shows colliding and a brand new parallel world to explore, Crisis On Earth-X is a veritable treasure trove of cameos, Easter Eggs and references.

This offers an extra level of enjoyment for eagle-eyed fans, which stops this four-hour fight between heroes and Nazis from ever going stale. There are too many to list here, but Supergirl delivered the best dialogue reference, in my opinion.

The Wedding

He was a fan favourite choice to be the man under the Prometheus mask last year, and here the writers recognised that fan theory and brought it to life. As well as being a fun fan service moment, the brief meeting between Earth-1 Oliver and Earth-X Tommy was a very compelling scene to watch.

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  • On both Earths, these men were best buds, but Nazi Tommy is sadly too far gone to bond with heroic Oliver. Having watched this universe grow, fans can now accept and welcome heroic and villainous doppelgangers without hesitation. Crisis On Earth-X also delivers on the stunts and special effects side. As well as seeing the super-powered heroes in action, we also get to witness mere mortals doing their best to muck in. We already knew this, given the rise of violent one-shots in Arrow after Daredevil arrived on Netflix, but Crisis On Earth-X brings the visual excellence of The CW superheroes up to a whole new level.

    There seems to be a conscious effort being made to match the quality of modern superhero films, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe being a particular inspiration. Another highlight comes when Overgirl targets a scaffold covered in construction workers. Supergirl flies in and holds the scaffold together.

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    • The Flash zooms Green Arrow onto the top level. And then Green Arrow uses his grappling gun to tie the structure back together, zipping around the building apace. This idea bears a resemblance to the boat scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming , and again, Crisis On Earth-X achieves the impressive feat of matching it. And in one memorable battle moment, the influence of Captain America: Civil War can be felt.

      This was another surprise appearance and moment that elicited cheers. The Earth-1 Superheroes were able to get away from the Earth-X foes, which led to a Superhero gathering on the bridge of the Waverider. This gathering was promoted leading up to the crossover, and it was disappointing.

      Instead of an epic showing of the characters, they looked like they were all lined up for the annual class photo while communicating with Dark Arrow. The actual face-off before the big battle began was a much more epic showing of the characters and the team facing off against the Nazis.

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      They looked fierce, ready for the fight and positioned to take back their Earth. They fought and they won. Green Arrow took out Dark Arrow.

      Crisis on Earth X Is How You Do a DC Superhero Crossover

      Supergirl took out Overgirl before she could go supernova. Barry being Barry, he let Thawne go instead of killing him. The Earth-X Nazis were eliminated, but Thawne is sure to show up again at some point. In addition to the action, outstanding fights, and battle scenes, the heartfelt interactions between characters brought out the tears. Alex and Sara bonding over their lost loves, and their love for their sisters showed a connection between them beyond their one-night stand. They may not be a long-term romantic match, but they were both what the other needed at this time to help them both move on. The same was true about Stein and Jax. Their love for each other was deep, and their emotional connection as strong as their Firestorm one.

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